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Established in 2011, Singularis Wealth serves as your guide through the intricate world of investments. We turn financial aspirations into reality, nurturing lasting happiness. Whether you're aiming for top-tier education for your children, buying your dream home, travelling, attaining debt-free bliss, celebrating milestones, venturing into entrepreneurship, achieving a worry-free retirement, or making a positive societal impact, your happiness propels us forward.

Our approach is anchored by a dedicated team, meticulous research, and leading-edge technology. We're your allies in crafting a life aligned with your dreams. With Singularis Wealth, you're not merely investing - you're forging a future where financial success and happiness seamlessly converge. Welcome to a partnership that goes beyond numbers; it's about shaping your life on your terms.


Aravind Thondan

Managing Director

Revathi Anandha Narayan


Sofia Aravind

Lead Investor Insights and Compliance

Mythily Venugopal

Lead Client Servicing

Why Singularis Wealth?

  • Empowering Expertise:

    Harness the potential of well-informed financial decisions guided by our seasoned team, with research that encompasses global market tracking and regular interactions with fund managers.

  • Unwavering Trust:

    Benefit from a decade of personalized, impartial guidance and reliable interactions, contributing to our high client retention ratio.

  • Personalized Excellence:

    Receive uniquely tailored solutions that expertly shape your financial future, contributing to our remarkable track record of client satisfaction.

  • Family-Centric Approach:

    Experience meticulously crafted strategies designed to realize enduring family aspirations.

  • Annual Events for Confidence:

    Engaging events that instill confidence and strengthen our partnership, fostering a deeper understanding of your financial journey.

Our Most Honorable Customer

Viswanath Harihar

Client since 2016

We have been in touch for more than four years; we have found that it was a pleasure dealing with you; whenever we deal it was 100 % content and refreshingly new information. We have found that we could easily approach you, and you always had an optimal solution for our problem We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends.Read More

Kushboo Gupta

Client since 2014

He has been assisting us in our Wealth Management since April 2014, and we are delighted with the way that Aravind has worked with us. He not only explains all the options in a simple format, making it easy for us to make decisionsRead More

Shreyas Pandit

Client since 2014

My 7 year association with the Singularis team has been a very fruitful one , seamlessly helping me achieve my financial planning, goals and related ordeals. Singularis'. While I look forward to this amazing engagement with them, I strongly endorse Singularis for their financial acumen & portfolio planning - well thought, directional and a market- aware team! Read More

Nayan Niranjan

Client since 2023

"As we work and earn money, it is only fair that we make our money work for us. Singularis has been an essential part of that journey. Aravind has not just been a personal financial advisor but a dear friend, truly understanding my life goals and ensuring my financial decisions are aligned to them and support them."Read More

Rohit Paul

Client since 2015

"Hi my name is Rohit, and I have been a client with Singularis Capital since 2015. I was introduced to Aravind right after I began my first job, fresh out of college. Although I was eager to save, I wasn't too sure how to go about doing that. Aravind is very helpful and he took a personal interest in my portfolio. He explained the various options available to me and he emphasised the importance of saving early on, in my professional career.After a couple of meetings, the team in Singularis came up with a systematic investment plan that was customised to meet my personal financial goals. With the help of SIP, I was able to save a significant amount of my monthly income, while still leading a comfortable lifestyle. Apart from this, the team is always re-evaluating my investments just to make sure that I get the best possible returns on them. Thanks to these savings, I was able to achieve even some of the larger goals in my life. I was able to quit my full time job and come abroad to do my master studies. Not just this, when I had a financial emergency, the funds that I needed were available to me and I had little to no stress about them. Thanks to Singularis, I've become more organised and disciplined with my finances. I can highly recommend Aravind and its dedicated team to anyone who wants to plan their finances to meet their current and future goals."Read More

Reshma Tomas

Client since 2013

"If someone told me in 2013 that I would be staring at my portfolio worth what it is now, I would never believe them. I have truly experienced the power of compounding. It's one thing to see it on paper and another thing to actually watch it happen. I had made a couple of standard investment mistakes when I met Aravind in 2013, so I was highly sceptical when I started. I started with the bare minimum and slowly increased my monthly SIP's. Aravind and his team are readily available to help me understand my investments and take the right decisions to achieve my financial goals. Would highly recommend Singularis to anyone who wants to invest systematically and have complete control over their investments" Read More

The right decision at the right time.

Our Process

Deep Understanding

We listen to your unique financial goals to ensure our strategies align perfectly with your needs.

Comprehensive Review

We assess your portfolio, m anage risk, and recom m end the right asset allocation.

Goal- Oriented Recommendations

We create a custom ized investm ent plan tailored to accelerate your progress towards m ilestones.

Proactive Tracking

Our dedicated team rem ains vigilant, continuously tracking and optim izing your portfolio to ensure you stay on course towards your financial goals.

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